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Custom Assembly and Installations has developed a unique IKEA Shopping Tool to ensure Order Accuracy and Ease of use for Our Customers. The Shopping tool or browser Plugin creates IKEA Shopping Orders, calculates the Delivery Fee and also computes the Assembly for items that require assembly. Our IKEA Shopping system is based on a browser Bookmark. Now you can simply add our Bookmark (One time only) in your browser and head over to IKEA Website, Add the products that you like to your order and simply click a button to place an order. The Bookmark is basically a browser plugin and works with Internet Explorer 9 and above, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari. Any apps that enable bookmarks on the IPhone and Android Phone can be used to run the system over a phone. We highly recommend that you use the specified browsers when using our Ordering System !

Here is a short video that shows how to get started with our Cool IKEA Shopping System. Now you can truly Shop IKEA with Custom Assembly and Installations, your IKEA Expert in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, East Alabama and Florida !

1. Install the Browser Bookmarklet:

Simply drag the bookmark to your toolbar. This is required one time only and you do not need to do this the second time you want to use it !

CA & I Ordering


2. Head Over to IKEA Website:

Once the bookmark is successfully installed (added to your bookmarks bar), simply head over to IKEA website.

3. Add Products and Finalize your Order

Locate the product that you would like to SHOP, DELIVER and ASSEMBLE. Simply click on the bookmark to bring up Ordering Information. You can “Add to Order”, “Reset Whole Order”, “Place Your Order” or change individual item attributes. Once your order looks good and you are ready to finalize, simply click on “Place my Order”. This will bring you to the Order Confirmation Page. Fill out a short form with the Order detail and VOILA !!! We will contact you to follow up on your order.



Custom Assembly & Installations provides IKEA Shopping, IKEA Delivery and IKEA Assembly. Our expert technicians and drivers are professionals and do the job right, the first time. We value our customers and your satisfaction is our highest priority ! We are an IKEA Certified Vendor and offer our services in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama and Florida.