CAIATL offers Ikea Kitchen Installation in Atlanta. We provide assembly and Installations with the highest quality at the most competitive rate. We are IKEA Certified Furniture Assembly and Installation Experts. Customer Satisfaction is our highest priority and we will make sure to do the job right the first time. Get a free quote now !

We not only provide Installation and Assembly Services, We also Shop for you and bring the furniture right to you. We offer a Furniture Shopping and delivery Service and guess what ? Its lower priced in comparison to Official Shopping and Delivery Service in Store. This page will summarize our Ikea Kitchen Installation in Atlanta. In fact our services are not only limited to Atlanta, we offer Furniture Assembly, Installation and Re-modelling services in Geotgia, North Carolina , South Carolina and the Gulf Cost of Florida. We not only provide Kitchen and Cabinets Assembly and Installation but can provide you with consultation on how to Design your Dream Kitchen. Contact us today if you have been thinking about IKEA Kitchen Re-modelling.

We have Installed hundreds of beautiful IKEA kitchens. Our Expert Technicians take pride in being the best provider of Ikea Kitchen Installation in Atlanta. Here is a recent IKEA Kitchen that was completely installed from cabinets, counter tops and appliance fixtures  by Custom Assembly and Installations Inc.

Here are some recent pictures from a recent Ikea Kitchen Remodelling project in Atlanta:

First Step is to disassemble the old cabinets. We make sure that any Kitchen fixtures are not destroyed and old cabinets are removed cleanly. Believe it or not, this is a super important step.

Ikea Kitchen Installation in Atlanta - OLD Cabinets

Starting the Kitchen Installation from Left to Right. These new cabinets look Good !

Ikea Kitchen Installation in Atlanta - Right Cabinets

The top cabinets are completely installed. This Kitchen Installation project is on its way and we are making good progress.

Ikea Kitchen TOP Cabinets

Time to install the bottom cabinets and adjust the appliances fixtures properly:

Ikea Kitchen Installation in Atlanta - Affordable

Left Counter Top and we are all Set. This IKEA Kitchen looks neat !

Atlanta IKEA Kitchen Installation

IKEA highly recommends professional help when it comes to Kitchen and Cabinets Installation:

For an affordable and high quality Kitchen Design, Assembly and Installation Contact Us Today. Leave the Shopping, Deliver and Installation to CAIATL, your trusted name for Furniture Assembly in Atlanta !