CA&I IKEA Kitchen Installers to the Stars

//CA&I IKEA Kitchen Installers to the Stars

CA&I IKEA Kitchen Installers to the Stars

The “DIY” model is so prevalent in our retail society that actual cable channels and shows exist to provide content to a mass audience of “Do It Yourselfers” across America. Producers such as Screaming Flee productions out of Seattle, WA find contractors across the country to help provide the legs and arms behind the scenes that help make 2 days of hard fast tedious work come together in 30 minutes of viewing for the shows viewers.


Enter CA&I. We were contacted by the shows general contractors and producers to assist with the assembly & installation for episode #024 which was shot here in Atlanta now famous for being the Hollywood of the south. Our job was simple,…go in and do what they found out we did with expert and surgical precision. That entailed us going in after the primary contractors demolished the old kitchen you see in the photos we’ve shared and flip that old rustic thing into new bling with all the bells and whistles…..oh yeah and in less than a day and half!

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