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CA&I Professional Kitchen Assembly & Installation

CA&I has been assembling Flat packed furnishings since 1998. In the modern design elements and as customers have become increasingly comfortable with the quality of RTA merchandise, we are performing more and more kitchen assemblies from Flat packed retailers. The most popular by far has been the IKEA® Sektion line of cabinetry and it’s accessories.

CA&I has it’s own planner and designer to assist our customers and we have the experienced team of professionals to carry out the often frustrating and daunting tasks that accompany such merchandise.
Please keep in mind the following, measure, measure and measure, confirm the location of water, gas and electrical services, allow for sufficient downtime of your kitchen, plan ahead for lighting and when considering your counter tops make sure your service provider is kept up to date with your timelines.

Please see our completion photos of an IKEA® brand Sektion assignment that was purchased by customer Nick F. of Atlanta, GA. Need help with your new kitchen renovation please contact CA&I.

Gill Thomas
President and CEO


Professional Insured Bonded Services

CA&I or Custom Assembly & Installations, Inc., is a professional services company founded and incorporated in Atlanta, Georgia in 2004. We serve a very unique and specialized niche’ in the service industry which specializes in providing on site “Furniture, General Merchandise and Specialty Products” assembly and installation for manufacturers, retailers and consumers of (RTA) ready to assemble, Flat Packed and (KD) knock down products and merchandise.

There are literally millions of products sold in America each year that require some or full assembly before the product or merchandise can be fully operable or utilized by the purchaser. Due to a variety of factors, manufacturing has turned to leaving the finished assembly of products such as bookcases, bed frames, dressers and chest, office furnishings and utility products, fitness equipment, barbeque grills, play sets and seasonal outdoor furniture and a host of other products to the consumer or end user.

No tools, No Time, No Problem,….at CA&I we have every aspect of your service covered and we look forward to working with you soon.