About CA&I Atlanta

We are your furniture, general merchandise and specialty products assembly and installation specialists. There are literally thousands of products sold in America each year that require some or full assembly before the product or merchandise can be fully operable or utilized by the purchaser. Due to a variety of factors, manufacturing has turned to leaving the finished assembly of products such as bookcases, bed frames, dressers and chest, fitness equipment, barbeque grills, play sets and seasonal outdoor furniture and a host of other products to the consumer or end user.

At CA&I we have mastered the assembly and installation of these products to ensure that they are secure when assembled properly. Most consumers are frustrated in the process by not having the proper tools, navigating those daunting and confusing assembly instructions, identifying mislabeled or unidentifiable parts, dealing with hidden damages and ultimately the complete loss of patience in the overall time invested in the assembly process. CA&I delivers its services in four key markets. Our primary and most profitable market would be classified as “Residential”, which accounts for generalproducts manufactured and sold for the homes interior rooms and would also include some specialty items whose general use would be around the home exterior.

Next would be “Commercial and Institutional” and products. This market would include office furnishings that require assembly and would also include filing systems, cubicles and rack and utility shelving and case goods installation. This market presents a very unique opportunity in that many small and medium businesses a operated by small staffs and would rather outsource such time consuming efforts so they can concentrate on building their business rather than wasting it building furniture.

Lastly would be the “Retail” market were CA&I assist retailers with the assembly and installation of product displays. This market is exponential in the degree of the end users ability to purchase merchandise online for direct shipment to their prospective new offices.

CA&I employs’ a dynamic team of highly trained “Independent Contract Assemblers” (ICA’s). All have been core trained and posses the raw talent for technicians whose backgrounds in the “Furniture, General Merchandise & Specialty Products” (FGM&SP) were actually born from other industries. Displaced workers from trades such as carpenters, general construction, auto mechanics, line assembly product and manufacturing, repairmen and most any skill set that requires attention to detail and fluidity of comprehension can become a trained and certified ICA with CA&I. Most desirable candidates are United States Veterans of our Armed Forces. There is a unique blend of components that complete the profile for an independent contract assembler in that virtually all have great values and ability, key decision making ability, ready assessment and evaluation prowess and can handle assignments on the go and properly relate situations and circumstances critically.